Study shows reduced operating time and cost per case using Neo Medical’s pedicle screw system

A new study published in Interdisciplinary Neurosurgery shows Neo Medical’s controlled fixation platform saves costs due to significantly decreased expenses for processing, logistics, decreased rates of contaminated instruments, less operating room (O.R) delays, and potentially lower revision and infection rates.

The study has shown that its disruptive controlled fixation sterile packed NEO Pedicle Screw System of implants and instruments reduces operating room time by up to 29% (23 minutes) and cost by €1,415 (US$1660) per treated case on average in short construct surgeries.

In 2011, spinal fusion surgery was the procedure with the highest aggregate hospital costs (US$12,837 million; 7.1%) with mean costs of US$ 27,600 per hospital stay in the USA. A complex set of instruments and various screw options in different dimensions are offered by manufacturers to accomplish this task. Preparing these complex systems prior to and after surgery involves numerous processes that have to be evaluated in terms of time expenditure, logistics, patient safety and total costs. Beyond their clinical outcomes, Neo Medical’s new generation of care implant platforms are expected to improve the efficiency of the entire perioperative process, to minimise risks for users and patients and lead to significant savings in overall operational costs.

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