E-Case report

Trauma Fracture L1Dr. med. Ralph Schernberger

Pre OP

Clinical Case – Trauma Fracture L1

Ralph Schernberger, MD
Orthopaedic & Trauma surgeon
Martin Luther Krankenhaus
Clinic for Orthopaedic & Trauma surgery
Berlin, Germany


Patient Information

Young female patient, 27 years old, suffered a traumatic impressionfracture in level L1 when she fell from her horse while riding.

Healthy patient with good bone quality, BMI:27.8

No risk factors or any earlier surgical history.

Due to severe intensive back-pain, psychological help was needed.

Pre OP  radiograph, MRI, with patient lying down

Intact neurological status

MIS surgery  T12-L2 was planned

Intra OP

General anesthesia

MIS, access percutaneously

Neo Pedicle Screw System™ was used

  • 4 x Ø6.0×50 mm in levels T12 and L2
  • 90 mm straight titanium rods

Duration of surgery was 1h28min

Post OP

Post OP Radiographs, sagittal and frontal views

The patient is discharged from the hospital after 1 week

She had no back-pain when she left the clinic

Published with the approval of Dr. Ralph Schernberger, MD