E-Case report

Vertebral Compression Fracture L2Cav. Dr. med. Alessandro Rustia

Pre OP

Clinical Case – Vertebral Compression Fracture

Cav. Dr. med. Alessandro Rustia
Zentrum für Gelenk- und Sportchirurgie
Klinik Pyramide am See
Zürich, Switzerland

Patient Information

  • 86-year-old female patient was treated in January 2021 with a balloon kyphoplasty in level L2 due to a vertebral compression fracture.
  • Shortly after she returned to the clinic because of persisting pain, and a stenosis was diagnosed.
  • Bad bone quality, osteoporosis.

Pre OP Radiographs sagittal & frontal views

Pre OP MRIs sagittal view

Surgical Planning

  • Mini-open decompression
  • Mini-open fracture surgery
  • L1-L4 with fracture level intermediate pedicle screw in an old L3 fracture

Intra OP

Surgical Procedure


  • Mini-Open approach
  • General anesthesia
  • Neo Pedicel Screw System™ instrumentation L1-L4
    • L1 – 2 x Ø6.0 x 40mm
    • L3 – 2 x Ø6.0 x 45mm
    • L4 – 2 x Ø6.0 x 45mm
  • Cement augmented screws

K-wires in level L1

Insertion pedicle screws L1

Cement Augmentation:
1ml/ pedicle screw

Rod measuring & rod placing, left and right sides

Final tightening :

  • Duration of surgery: 2.5h
  • Hospital stay: 6 days

Post OP

Post OP Radiographs sagittal & frontal views

Post OP CT scan

Published with the approval of Dr. med.  Alessandro Rustia