E-Case report

Degenerative Disc Disease L4-L5Dr. med. Alessandro Rustia

Pre OP

Clinical Case – Degenerative Disc Disease

Dr. med. Alessandro Rustia
Klinikum Ansbach
Dept. Neurosurgery

Male patient, 45 years old, was diagnosed with a DDD, and slipped disc in level L4/5.

Pre OP :

  • Radiograph, frontal
  • MRIs, sagittal & axial views

Intra OP

Mini-open surgery, Wiltse approach for placing a Neo Curved TLIF Cage 36/11 mm 5° in level L4/5 from the right side.

Touch-Free preparation of the  Neo Cage  + bone chips + BonAlive® putty.

The silicone cage sleeve prevents touching when filling the implant.

Cage Implantation

Intra OP Radiographs, sagittal & frontal views,  showing the cage in place.

Placing the Neo Pedicle Screw System

3 x Ø6.0 x 50mm

1 x Ø7.0 x 50mm (L5 right side screw)

Placement of Pre-Bent 40 mm rods.

In one side, the rod is placed from cranial to caudal.

Neo innovative set screw technology allows for a stress-free reduction and final tightening.

Video final tightening

Post OP

Post OP

Radiographs, sagittal and coronal views

Post OP CTs Sagittal & Axial views

Published with the approval of Dr. med. Alessandro Rustia