E-Case report

Trauma Fracture L2Dr. med. Sébastien Lévy

Pre OP

Clinical Case – Trauma Fracture

Dr. med. Sébastien Lévy
Hôpital Riviera Chablais

This young male patient suffered an A4 type fracture in L2 level as a result of a skateboard accident.

Pre OP :

  • radiograph
  • CTs (sagittal & axial views)

Intra OP

OR set up

Neo Pedicle Screw System™ was used for a 5 level construction, T12 – L4, including 8 pedicle screws  and rods.

Mini-open surgical approach, placing the k-wires

Pedicle screws

placed in T12

Polyaxial pedicle screws were used in levels T12 and L4, while in levels L1 and L3 Dr Lévy decided to use the monoaxial capability of the Neo screw. The clip was used and inserted to lock the screw head in a monoaxial position in these levels.

Rod placement

Post OP

Post OP radiographs, sagittal and frontal views

Dr. Lévy closing the surgical incisions

Published with the approval of Dr. med. Sébastien Lévy