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Experience going BEYOND THE EXPECTED with Neo’s Integrated Spine Technology Platforms. We are improving the healthcare system as whole by developing technologies that help improve clinical outcomes, lower overall costs and reduce the environmental footprint of the industry.

Science driven approach

We go beyond the expected by developing innovative technologies that help resolve real world clinical problems instead of providing just ‘me-too’ products with only incremental improvements. This helps drive outcome improvement and enhances the standard of care.

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Value over cost

We go beyond the expected by providing fully integrated technology platforms that optimize the perioperative process and create true economic value. This helps lower overall costs within the healthcare system and supports all the stakeholders in the entire spinal surgical process.

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Clean and green

We go beyond the expected by providing technology that dramatically reduces the environmental footprint. This helps promote sustainability and improved environmental impact standards to the industry.

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Spine Expert Network for Science & Education

A global platform, a network where international surgeon peers can exchange and learn about the latest science, advancements, share experiences and best practices within the international degenerative and trauma/tumor spine surgery community.


SENSE – Bringing back science at the heart of pathologies management, understanding and applying the Controlled Fixation concept, a surgical approach and methodology that is more respectful of patients´ unique spinal conditions, while enabling a better control of biomechanical forces during spinal surgery.

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