E-Case report

Vertebral Compression Fracture T7
Posterior fixation T5 – T9
Simon Lang, MD

Pre OP

Clinical Case – Vertebral Compression Fracture T7
Posterior fixation T5 – T9
Neo ADVISE™ Trauma module

Dr. Simon Lang
Orthopaedic/ Trauma Surgeon
Klinikum Fulda
Fulda, Germany

Patient Information

75-year old female patient suffered a vertebral compression fracture in T7

Osteoporotic bone quality

Planned Surgery:

  1. Posterior fixation T5 – T9
  2. Percutaneous MIS surgery
  3. Because of the osteoporotic bone quality all the pedicle screws will be cementaugmented
  4. Fracture reduction T7 – mono-axial screws in T6 & T8
  5. Neo ADVISE™ trauma module to be used


Sagittal & axial views

Intra OP

Access and first K-wires placed

Pedicle screws insertion

Posterior fixation with Neo Pedicle Screw System™

Totally 8 pedicle screws placed over the 4 levels T5 –T9

  • T5 –   2 x Ø5.0×45 mm polyaxial
  • T6 –   2 x Ø5.0×45 mm mono-axial
  • T8 –   2 x Ø6.0×45 mm mono-axial
  • T9 –   2 x Ø6.0×45 mm polyaxial

Cement augmentation is facilitated by the always cannulated and fenestratedNeo pedicle screws. Approx. 1.5 ml cement was injected per screw.

Usage of Neo ADVISE™ trauma module

ADVISE™ scene analysis

Mapping of of the guide towers

Results from using the Neo ADVISE™ trauma module in both the right and theleft side, with targetted angle adjustment 3° and 5°. Visualizations of the rods in both the sagittal and the coronal planes in the iPad screen.

Rod selection: 2 x Titanium rods 130mm straight straight.

Video is showing all steps using Neo ADVISE™ trauma module

Rod bending using the rod visualization in the iPad screen as template for boththe sagittal and the coronal planes.

Rod placement & Final set screw tightening

Radiographs after final fixation of the posterior construction and removal of the instrumentation.

Post OP

Post OP radiographs

  • Intra OP Blood loss: 100 ml
  • Duration of surgery: 90 min
  • Patient was discharged from the hospital after 6 days

Published with the approval of
Dr. Simon Lang