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Neo ADVISE shows surgeons what they can’t see, changing what’s possible in spinal surgery. Part of our fully integrated Universal solutions ecosystem, ADVISE brings intraoperative, AI-driven augmented reality imaging spinal surgery for the first time, supporting surgeons as they redefine the limits of spine treatment.

ADVISE was a key topic of discussion at the 2nd International SENSE Symposium, hosted in Valencia earlier this year. Explore the whole program to learn more.

Controlled Fixation Platform

Neo Pedicle Screw SystemTM

Exclusive Controlled Fixation Capability: Reproducible ability to apply appropriate mechanical forces to achieve an optimal correction and when assembling and locking a pedicle screw construct to reduce implant loosening, hardware failures and support improved outcomes

Perioperatively Integrated Multi-Functional Instruments: 5 multi-functional instruments that replace 3 to 7 current trays which are universal, light weight and sterile with exclusive patented capabilities to enable full functionality for 90%+ of cases with minimal steps and increased efficiency gains

Universal Screw with Touch-Free Implant Protection: Universal, all-features-in-one screw design incorporates 16 possible feature combinations that come sterile packed and pre-mounted with a touch free dilation/protection sleeve enabling safety and flexibility

Neo is built on a unique environmentally friendly platform15 with implants that are zero-touch to decrease risk factors and cost11-12.

Neo Enabling Technologies

Neo continues developing new proprietary modular Controlled Fixation technologies, respectful of patient unique spinal conditions.

A next generation of force control set-screw/set-screw driver has embedded technology to allow for a fully controlled stress-less fixation and optimal correction.

An optional and powerful torque limiter adaptor designed for a simple, controlled and reproducible alignment and pre-fixation.

Enhanced Fusion Platform

Neo Cage System™ Technology
We integrate a fourth dimension with 3D printing: TIME

Easy Insertion and Reproducible Cage Placement:
Bullet nose cage with rounded edges and 3D printed rotational rails for reproducible anterior cage placement and customizable lordosis application

Enhanced Fusion Support Capability:
Proprietary 3D printing algorithm creates a randomized Macro-, optimized Micro-, pore structure for best in class osteoconductive properties and grip to endplates as established by science. Porosity of 60% in the range of 250–940 μm has shown to support fusion and promote direct mechanical fixation1 providing an ideal structure for osseointegration2-4. Graft windows with maximum surface of contact with endplates optimizes fusion5.

Streamlined Instruments with Touch-Free Cages
6 multi-functional instruments and sterile platform enable minimal steps and efficiency gains with a silicone cage sleeve to prevent touching when filling implant.

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