E-Case report

Spine Deformity T2-Ilium Dr. med. Louis Boissière

Pre OP

Patient Information

70 years old man

L1-L5 fusion in 2018 for lumbar stenosis
Progressive spinal deformity
Parkinson disease discovered in 2019
Standing and Walking difficulties
No leg pain, no deficit

Pre OP Full Spine

PI = 73°
LL = 52°
PT = 42 °
SVA = 121 mm
CSVL = 150 mm

Proximal AND Distal Junctional Kyphosis

Pre OP CT Scan

Proximal and Distal Pseudarthrosis

Pre OP Bulster X-Ray

Case presentation by Dr. Boissiere

Intra OP

Surgery stages:

Step 1: T2-Ilium posterior fusion by Wiltse approach
  • Posterior Instrumentation
  • No osteotomy
  • Domino correction procedure

Step 2: L4-L5 and L5-S1 anterior graft by ALIF procedure

Neo Instrumentation OP table set up

Neo Medical components used for this surgery:

Neo Pedicle Screw System™

Pedicle screws in sizes used:
Ø 6.0 x 40mm
Ø 6.0 x 45mm
Ø 7.0 x 40mm
Ø 7.0 x 45mm
Ø 7.0 x 50mm

3 x Rod straight 400mm

Post OP

Presentation of the performed surgery by Dr. Boissiere

Post OP Patient walking with brace

Frontal and Sagittal views,

Stage 1: T2-Ilium Wiltse approach
Operative time = 5 hours
Blood Loss= 700cc

Stage 2: ALIF L4-L5 and L5-S1 3 weeks after

At 3 months follow up

Frontal and Sagittal views,

PI = 73°
LL = 64°
PT = 40°
SVA = 28mm
CSVL = 6mm

Published with the approval of Dr. Boissière